Perfect after-sales service promise not only brings the realistic concept but also a high value-added guarantee.

The perfect after-sales service system supports our friendly relationship with customers. We keep perfecting the products year after year, and constantly improve the products’ quality to minimize the failure rate in use,all of which come from our pursuit of quality and this is also the superiorities of our company. We use the most advanced technical systems and support in a world-class equation to promote the healthy development of the company. In the process of using our products, we maintain active communication with every customer. Engineers who have professional skills and technology shall provide a complete service solutions to customers, and understand the needs of them. In addition, we clearly put their needs into the systematic description file and provide it to customers.

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Technical After-Sales


Spare parts

An independent team stay focused on a single objective every day. We stock commonly used spare parts in the global market so that we can meet the supply time requirements of every customer whether it is petrol or diesel generator spare parts. 

The parts processing center established in Kuala Lumpur is divided into three different teams. The sales team receives the order, and organizes the supply list according to the customer's degree of urgency. The after-sales service team is responsible for the flow management and ensures the completion deadline. Finally, purchase order and delivery management are carried out by the management team.

Different orders are sent around the world within a controlled time range of no more than 48 hours.

To visit our spare parts catalogues, please feel free to contact us.


Training Centre

The role of the training center is to impart the necessary expertise in installing, starting, using and maintaining the generating sets to our dealers and customers. The training center, based in the California of the US, is fully dedicated to this purpose. In addition to professional conference rooms, the training center is also equipped with a mechanical workshop and test lab for trainees to use.

The technical training shall be provided by professional engineers of the R&D, and different training courses are organized with the combination of the advanced design concept and the product characteristics. Our training center provides the trainees with the knowledge and skills which they need whether it is electrical, mechanical, or general use and maintenance.

The training center provides more than 200 training sessions annually to dealers and customers around the world for sustainable development.

For more information about our technical training service, please contact us via e-mail.