The rapid development of the communications industry has doubled the demand for telecommunications infrastructure, we provide specific power solutions targeted for communications applications.

Power supply is a major challenge for communications infrastructure, especially in remote, inaccessible areas where there is not always a sufficient power supply network.

The lack of power will lead to significant economic losses, so Westinghouse offers reliable technical solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements and special geographic characteristics of the communications base station. Westinghouse mechanical generator sets provide emergency or continuous power supply to ensure low operating costs: long maintenance intervals, low fuel consumption, large fuel tanks, long operating hours and remote access.We provide customers with the benefits of our experience in the communications industry. And Westinghouse machineries’ engineers have the ability to solve the technical limitations inherent in each project, and then propose the solution that suits perfectly the specific needs.


Data Centers

Computer data security is at the heart of today's strategic challenges.This is not just a trend, and is also a new challenge to power supply under the pressure of the growing exchange of data between new information and communication technologies.The unusual development of the Internet is an excellent example.

In order to meet the requirements of these areas, as well as to address the strategic threats posed by climate change and power system failures, the use of secure data escrow services is becoming more and more common: data centers will flourish in the future, provide high-quality service solutions for enterprises, telecommunication operators and the financial sector to support customers in areas such as data security and information exchange.

In order to the meet operational requirements of advanced hardware facilities, it is necessary to be able to provide a stable physical environment for the equipment, all of which will benefit from the uninterrupted power guarantee, including the continuity during the usual power maintenance in the field.



From portable generator sets to biogas generator sets, Westinghouse supplies a holistic energy solution to the electricity needs of customers in the agricultural sector with the farm power infrastructure.

Westinghouse Machinery’s agricultural power solutions use biogas or diesel generator sets to power the facility in the case of a power outage or no available grid connection. It combines flexibility and high reliability.  Our standard product is an ideal backup for power supplies.

Finally, Westinghouse provides a complete solution for the farm, including gas recovery and delivery of electricity to the grid.

Agricultural energy solutions



Application of Westinghouse Mechanical Generator Set in Hospitals

At present, power outages in hospitals can cause serious consequences. Although this is not a common phenomenon, all health care institutions must be prepared to avoid any risks.

In addition, in order to prevent all possible incidents, the regulations require all medical institutions to be equipped with an autonomous backup power supply. To meet the market demand, Westinghouse Machinery is committed to promoting standby generator sets in medical institutions.

In the United States and all over the world, many clinics and hospitals are equipped with Westinghouse mechanical generator sets that provide 24-hour power protection in the event of a main power failure.

We conduct pre-analysis for the project's planning and requirements, and provide preliminary feasibility solutions as a reference.

The project room site is evaluated according to project requirements, and a variety of alternative installation options (according to current standards for noise levels, pollution emissions and the environment) can be adopted taking into account the special demands of the existing installation environment on site. Meanwhile, we provide system commissioning, maintenance, installation and remote monitoring services.



Industrial facilities require electrical energy to power their infrastructure and production processes.

To ensure the continuous working needs of certain special production environments and special equipment, it is necessary to provide a backup power guarantee.

Westinghouse mechanical generator sets provide a reliable and efficient solution for your industrial applications, whether in continuous use or standby mode.

Equipped by an unparalleled level of service, we are fully aware that each project is unique and has its own special limitations, therefore, we offer you with special customization and design the products that meet your needs. We can even help you develop a personalized solution and recommend the best one. With many years of market experience in industrial applications and that of hundreds of complex custom projects, Westinghouse provides you with a reliable and comprehensive power protection solution to ensure your industrial facilities operate reliably and safely.

Industrial generator set


As part of its special service responsibilities, Westinghouse provides multi-purpose generator sets for the military sector.

Providing military power supply and indispensable protection for the military daily-use or missions, our generator sets are also equipped in command vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, personnel transport vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles.

In a demanding area, the importance of generator sets is crucial. For decades, the military has been using high-quality and highly reliable generator sets from Westinghouse.

Due to the diversity and complexity of the field environment, the diversity of Westinghouse's mechanical product configurations means that there is always a product that adapts to the current requirements. Whether it's a silent generator set, a portable generator set, a mobile beacon generator set or a custom power solution, all of our products are fully applicable to the requirements of the military sector. A wide range of solutions are available within our product range, regardless of requirements.

Military applications


Generator set for mining applications

In compliance with current emission standards, we achieve the lowest operating costs. Power generator equipment provides a major source of electricity for machinery and facilities of mining, especially in the wild where there is no grid connection available. The generator set also facilitates a rapid deployment.

Westinghouse supplies generators to mining operations in the world, including underground and open pit mining, as well as mineral processing plants. We offer highly efficient and sustainable products that meet environmental and low noise levels requirements. Westinghouse takes into account the specificities of each mining project and offers the best alternative configuration options. As a result, Westinghouse is able to design, manufacture and install the most efficient power solutions for mining, and is equipped with generator sets that are perfectly suited to the mining environment.


High standards mining must benefit from a highly secure energy supply.


Oil and gas fields are highly environmentally demanding and require a strong and reliable supply of electricity to equipment and mining processes to ensure on-site safety.

Power generator equipment is essential for on-site living facilities and production operations, as well as for providing backup power in the event of a power outage, all of which can avoid major safety incidents and economic losses. In the consideration of the complexity of mining site, it is required to use a generator set designed for extreme environments, both in terms of temperature, humidity or dust.

Westinghouse helps you choose the best generator set that suits your strategy, and works with you to select the best suitable power solution for your oil and gas project. The solution should be efficient, reliable, and optimized for low cost operation. With this purpose, the Westinghouse Machinery R&D team designs, manufactures and installs products for your specific application on the base of our rich experience with many of the world's leading oil and gas exploration companies.

Oil and gas extraction



Reliable power is an important footstone for the stable operation of the bank system.

The stable operation of the bank system depends on a large number of advanced electronic equipment. Only through stable and reliable operation can the electronic computer bring its efficiency into full play. The stand environmental conditions in electronic computer room, such as suitable temperature, humidity, cleanliness, less noise, less electromagnetic interference, is imperative for the reliable operation. The uninterrupted delivery of power is the core and foundation of good performance of computer room and data center.

Taking the particularity of the bank industry into consideration, Westinghouse Machinery provides the most optimal solutions of configuration for them and equips them with generator sets completely suitable for any kind of using condition.



Reliable and sustained power supply is essential to ensure property safety. Our products, with a high quality that complies with the laws, administrative regulations and the related requirements of the local governments, could provide you samrt solutions to the power supply problems in any types of commerical buildings, such as shopping malls, hotels and theaters, as well as public buildings including office buildings and government buildings.

Our products can also help you reduce financial loss. Any power failure would cause the loss of customers and damage to the reputation of enterprises. Westinghouse Machinery, with a wide range of solutions available, can provide you support in way to the realization of your business strategy.


Modern farms 

Humankind has been cultivated their fields and wild forests for a long time. However, not only do people need relevant experiences and specialized knowledge, but also the application of modern agricultural technology if people want to obtain achievements with respect to planting, farming, cultivation and harvesting and processing. That is why absolutely reliable power is so desperately significant for the machines operating in farms and forests, which have a straight impact on people’s livelihoods.

With abundant professional experience in farm power, Westinghouse Machinery provides reliable power for agricultural producing process. Our generator productions enable to perform well in the condition of farms and forests, even the most difficult situation.


Portable Generator

With the improvement of living standards in modern society, people's increasing demand for electricity becomes more and more diversified. The portable generators are wildly applies on many different situations, small-scale construction, travel, outdoor activities and business areas. Therefore, the functions of portable generator sets can be brought into full play. The silent types of the portable generator set series enable to provide satisfying solutions as they are utilized in different kinds of terrible environment. The portable generator set series can meets all kinds of requirements from clients.


Construction Sector

There are two kinds of generator sets used in the construction industry-stationary generators and portable ones.

The construction industry needs to meet the requirements in different phase of its own development and rely on reliable generator sets.

Our company alternatively provides stationary generators and portable generators.

Generator sets consistently adopt low noise versions for the production and standby application in the construction industry. Westinghouse Machinery can provide reliable power for you on construction site.

Our teams of engineers will meet your specific demands and provide the most satisfying products for you, regardless of current products or customized ones. As a historic partner of the construction industry, Westinghouse Machinery has excellent professional experience in generator field, which has desperately strict rules. Focusing on a single industry, Westinghouse Machinery has years of professional experience in the aspect of standby power solutions and occupies an outstanding place in this market. Our generator sets with a variety of applications and a wide range of power delivery can be utilized in all sectors. With our specialized knowledge and practical experience in application field, our generator sets is your best choice and worthy of your trust.