Westinghouse machinery is the most influential equipment supplier in the world’s power energy market. Founded in the city of industry California,it has three manufacturing platforms in the world with global distribution of sales service and logistics distribution network to achieve global coverage and local professional support.

Westinghouse Machinery provides the market with standard serialization products, from design,R&D to manufacturing and the installation of 1.25 KVA-2400 KVA generator sets due to its advanced production technology combined with a strong R&D team and advanced production equipment. In addition, Westinghouse Machinery put its professional skills in the field of electric power application into practice, worked out a standard production system through the close cooperation of the three independent R&D departments,moreover provided such as technical training, professional support,spare parts supply and other high value-added product services.

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Westinghouse Machinery

Westinghouse machinery The generating set specialist

33 years of experience and a leading position on the energy market!



Global Coverage  

Local Expertise Support

Perfect after-sales service promise not only brings the realistic concept but also a high value-added guarantee.

The perfect after-sales service system supports our friendly relationship with customers. We keep perfecting the products year after year, and constantly improve the products’ quality to minimize the failure rate in use,all of which come from our pursuit of quality and this is also the superiorities of our company. We use the most advanced technical systems and support in a world-class equation to promote the healthy development of the company. In the process of using our products, we maintain active communication with every customer. Engineers who have professional skills and technology shall provide a complete service solutions to customers, and understand the needs of them. In addition, we clearly put their needs into the systematic description file and provide it to customers.

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Quality Certification

Product certification

Third-Party Certification Organization


R&D unit

The R&D headquarters of Westinghouse Machinery is in California, consisting of three independent and interdependent departments: product design, prototype development and production engineering.

At the request of the Marketing Dept., the design office develops the products according to the market trend, and the product molding design shall be transferred to the prototype development dept. The prototype development dept. shall execute to provide a prototype of the new product. Finally the products will complete all necessary tests at the product engineering dept. Only after qualified tests can it be finally put into production.

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A market-based approach for improved responsiveness

Westinghouse Machinery have a super R&D center, two advanced manufacturing base,and the R&D center in California of the United States , which is responsible for technology development and design. The modern standard manufacturing base in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, and the automatic manufacturing workshop in China are responsible for the production of 25kva-2400kva standardized generators and 1.25kva-12.5kva portable generators, respectively.

In order to ensure the factory qualified rate of each product, we adopt the world's top production equipment and testing equipment,which not only improve the performance of our products, but also play a very important role in improving our technology, the products meet the different certification requirements of each country especially the US EPA and CARB emission standards. We adhere to the commitment of product delivery cycle and quality assurance, with a wealth of technical experience and innovative R & D capabilities to provide the highest quality assurance for each product.

Production plant


The establishment of strong distribution network enables Westinghouse Machinery to distribute products and services all over the world) . With the support of strong organizational structure and distribution service providers, it ensures that we can respond quickly wherever you are. (With the support of our distribution service providers under a strong worldwide organizational structure, you can reach us immediately no matter wherever you are.

Our distribution network


We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of greenhouse gas emissions in line with the global strategy for sustainable development.Based on the three advantages of enterprise integrity, innovation and quick response, we develop the products in the spirit of craftsman to meet the market demand.This enables the company to keep pace with growing and continuously development.

Meanwhile we also establish close relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, dealers and shareholders.And to repay the society with achievements and take more social responsibilities.